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Chow420 is a Philadelphia based CBD outfit, launched in 2020, with a goal in mind. The objectives of its founders are targeted towards eliminating the trust and transparency issue in the CBD market by giving customers a complete ecosystem where they can buy and consume CBD without any concerns about safety and legal compliance.


Back in 2017, a study carried out by PennMedicine cautioned that up to 70% of products in the CBD market space were mislabeled. THC and CBD content, very important to most consumers and legal standards, were reported as the most severe areas of inconsistency. Given the context, the explosion of marketing and sales following the 2018 Farm Bill should be greeted with some circumspection. Weak FDA regulation and standard enforcement has also meant that an end to the problem is not in sight. According to SingleCare survey conducted in 2022, as much as 22% of the general public distrusts CBD and would not be purchasing products due to this skepticism. Being CBD sector stakeholders, this is quite alarming and could pose a serious threat to the growth of the sector in the future.

At Chow420, an environment brewing with innovation and commitment to consumer welfare yielded the setup of a blockchain-powered security system for the enforcement of product content verification. Under this system, lab reports are mandatory for all listed items. Subsequently, all lab reports are mandatorily entered into an underlying blockchain platform where information is immutable. With this system, customers are guaranteed complete and accurate content information concerning any product on Accordingly, THC, CBD, terpenes and other compounds’ content can be scrutinized for legal and labeling compliance. To know more about how you benefit from this offering, read more here.


The Chowpod program is one of the unique aspects of the Chow420 brand. In response to the accessibility problem in the CBD sector and the closure of retail outlets as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chow420 launched the opening of smart CBD vending machines across locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. These machines function as automated stores, covered by the aforementioned security system and a dedicated sign in and registration procedure to ensure legal compliance with regards to age restrictions for certain products.

In tandem with the brand’s innovative posture, these machines are also equipped with customer service communication which allows customers to readily request for and receive help whenever it is needed. Discounts and promotions that exist on the eCommerce platform also apply to the machines as well. Customers can enjoy the benefits of cost savings with their ChowCash (credit points) on machine purchases towards the fulfillment of their CBD needs.


The Chowpod network and eCommerce platform, both strengthened by the blockchain security system, constitute the Chow420 ecosystem. A two pronged approach to the market that seeks to improve accessibility, promote commerce and ensure security, welfare of legal standards.

This business model is one with a social enterprise aim of promoting transparency in the CBD sector in a sustainable and adequate manner. Operationally, every purchase in this system is protected and insured against the mislabeling problem. Contamination and other forms of content misrepresentation are virtually eliminated. Customer information is protected by legal requirements for age restriction on certain products that are enforced with relative ease.

This is the future of CBD. Because for the sector to advance and triumph over the short term problems of trust and safety.


At Chow420 we have an eye towards bringing the best quality CBD to consumers. The site is organized to provide customers with the ultimate guidance. Products are organized by category (product format) which includes oils & tinctures, gummies, topicals, flower, vapes, edibles, capsules & concentrates. As a customer you can also shop by effects (stress, sleep, skincare, pain relief, focus, wellness & intimacy). Other filters include spectrum, specific terpene and cannabinoid type.


Packaged with the shopping experience is 24-to-48 hour delivery. In partnership with UPS, all orders made on Chow420 are dispatched from our warehouses using the UPS 1-day express delivery service.


Shopping on Chow420 means getting to know and deal with Chowcash. This is our in-house credit currency, used on our platform, towards all purchases. Each Chowcash is worth its stated value in actual dollars against the price of any product.

For starters, all new “Sign Ups” get $15 to use towards any purchases. Registration on entitles the customer to this benefit. This is our way of saying thank you to our customers and encouraging responsible CBD retail for increased customer welfare. We want you to recognize the value that we place on your shopping experience, starting right from the point of introduction through to the completion of your purchase.


Registered users also get cashback on select single orders. The cashback from subscribed users is 5% of total purchase value. Other users receive 2% back on the value of their orders.


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